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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age for a child to fly in a helicopter?

Helicopter flights are open to children of all ages, however, from two years of age they are required to have their own seat and seatbelt in the aircraft.

What should I wear?

Passengers may choose comfortable clothing and footwear of their choice.

When should the passengers be at the hangar?

It is preferable for passengers to arrive half an hour before the flight is to take place.

Can Starlite prearrange roses/flowers for a special occasion?

This service can be arranged and is popular for a variety of ‘special occasion’ charters.

Can cell phones be used on board?

Yes we welcome the use of mobile phones to take photographs.

Can weather influence the flight booked?

All flying is weather dependent. Our pilots keep up to date with the latest weather forecasts on a daily and weekly basis. The best time to fly near Durban and surrounds, is from the early morning until the early afternoon. Should a flight be cancelled owing to inclement weather, customers may reschedule to a time that is convenient for both parties.