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Quality and Safety

Starlite Aviation Group regard excellent Safety and Quality standards as core values and the highest priority in all aspects of operations, maintenance and training.

Effective Safety and Quality Management within the Starlite Group is seen as a strategic component of its successful worldwide business. From the corporate boardroom to daily operations, industry leading Safety and Quality Management Systems are essential in providing our customers and employees with a safe working environment.

Across its global network the Starlite Group empowers its employees to lead by example when it comes to safety standards, encouraging free and open reporting of all occurrences, hazards and risks that may compromise safety, confident in the knowledge that a just culture prevails in all circumstances. This culture ensures that operations are conducted in accordance with all applicable requirements, standards and operational procedures in order that they can be carried out in the safest manner and any risks are maintained ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP).

To achieve, maintain and exceed the high standards it sets for itself, the Starlite Group operates an integrated Quality Management System. Consistently deployed across all its operations by experienced, trained professionals the system operates without interference or influence from any individual or group whose activities it is required to evaluate thereby ensuring full compliance with customer, industry and employees needs and expectations.

For more information on the Starlite Group’s Safety and Quality Management Systems contact: info@starliteaviation.biz