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Helicopter Training

Introductory Flight

An experimental, hands-on flight, conducted with the guidance from one of Starlite's experienced instructors. The flight is added to the 50 hours required to complete a Private Pilot Licence. 

Private Pilot Licence

Once a student qualifies as a Private Pilot, they are permitted to carry passengers. The licence permits one to fly for business purposes or recreation. Students are required to complete 8 subjects and examinations, and 50 flying hours, before graduating. 

Ground School duration: 5-6 months. This may, however, vary for each individual student. 

Night Rating

Qualifies a pilot to fly at night. Pilots who wish to follow a career in the fields of EMS, Vehicle Tracking and the Police require a night rating. 

Commercial Pilot Licence

Qualifies a pilot to carry passengers or cargo for remuneration. Eight theoretical subjects and examinations, as well as 200 hours of flying is required to graduate with a Commercial Pilot Licence. 

Ground School duration: 18 months. This may, however, vary for each individual student. 

Instrument Rating

Qualifies a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological conditions. Starlite's state of the art simulator affords a pilot the experience to training for 30 hours in authentic simulated conditions. A further 10 hours must be completed in an aircraft. 

Instructors Rating

Qualifies a pilot to give instruction and be registered as a Grade III Instructor. After a further 200 hours of flying instruction, the pilot is upgraded to a Grade II Instructor. This opens doors to professional pilot careers as an instructor and other employment opportunities. 

Type Ratings

Qualifies a pilot to fly various aircraft types. Starlite has factory and or military trained instructors on most helicopter types. 


For the Training of pilots and 'Hire and Fly', aircraft available at Starlite's Durban and Mossel Bay Academies: 

  • Robinson R22 
  • Robinson R44 
  • Robinson R66 
  • Guimbal Cabri G2 


Available for Training at Starlite's Durban Academy: 

  • Bell 407 


Available for Advanced Training at Starlite's Durban and Mossel Bay Academies: 

  • Bell 212 


Simulator Training, available at Starlite's Mossel Bay Academy: 

  • FNPTII Elite Evolution S723T Simulator based on AS355 Helicopter