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Supplementary Courses

Starlite Aviation Training Academy is accredited to offer the following courses.

PPL and CPL Ground School

Starlite Aviation offers an intensive ground school courses that cover both the SACAA PPL and CPL syllabi. Students are issued with an iPad with the latest Jeppesen Notes to stay current with the SACAA curriculum. The duration of the course is 2 months.

Crew Resource Management

It is a SACAA requirement that a Commercial pilot completes a CRM course. The content includes interpersonal communication, leadership and decision making skills and is covered to ensure that pilots avoid human error in the cockpit. Starlite offers refresher CRM courses. A CRM certificate is valid for 12 months.

Dangerous Goods

It is a SACAA requirement that a Commercial pilot completes a Dangerous Goods Course. This course content includes; the handling and transportation or cargo that pose a risk to the human health and safety, property and the environment. Starlite offers Dangerous Goods refresher courses. A Dangerous Goods certificate is valid for 24 months.

Multi Crew Co-Operation Course

Starlite Aviation Training Academy is approved by the SA-CAA to conduct Multi Crew Co-Operation (MCC) courses for both Helicopter and Fixed Wing. The MCC course content complies with the requirements as set out in JAR AMC FCL 2.26 (d) and prepares crew for the complexities and requirements for proficient multi-crew co-operation, to operate safely within Part 127, 138 and 141 multi-pilot, multi-engine Helicopter or Fixed Wing parameters.

Radio Telephony Course

This course is designed to teach student pilots to communicate effectively in English for air traffic duties in a domestic aviation environment. Starlite Aviation Training School offers both Restricted and General Radio licences.