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Training FAQs

How old must I be to start my licence?

You can start your training and obtain your Student Pilot Licence when you are only 16 years of age, but you must be 17 years old to complete your Helicopter Private Pilot Licence, 18 years old to complete your Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence and 21 years old to complete your Helicopter Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

What are the minimum requirements to start my Licence?

You need a valid flight medical which you can get from a SACAA licenced doctor. The examination consists of a vision test (acuity, visual field, colour vision deficit), hearing test, and basic physical (ECG, lung function). Although there aren’t any other specific requirements to start your licence, we would recommend that you take Maths, Geography and Science as subjects.

What kind of medical certificate do I need?

The CAA issues three classes of medical certificates:

A Class 1 is required for pilots who exercise Commercial & Airline Transport Pilot privileges. A first class medical is valid for 12 months. If over the age of 40 the medical is only valid for 6 months.

A Class 2 is required for Student Pilot or Private Pilot Licences. This medical is valid for 24 months but only 12 months if you are over the age of 40.

A Class 2 is required for Student Pilot or Private Pilot Licences. This medical is valid for 24 months but only 12 months if you are over the age of 40.

What is involved in obtaining a Helicopter/ Fixed Wing rating?

Flight Instruction: The first 55 hours are towards your Private Pilot Licence you fly with a GRIII or GRII instructor teaching you how to fly the aircraft. 15 hours of the 55 hours you will fly solo.

Ground Instruction: Before every flight the instructor will brief you on the exercise you will practice in the air. He will demonstrate the procedures on a one to one basis in a private briefing room. After your flight, the instructor will have a debrief session, where you have the opportunity to ask questions.

Ground School: You need to complete 8 theoretical subjects within your Private Pilot Licence and an additional 8 subjects in your Commercial Pilot Licence. There will be scheduled classes per subject in groups or one-on-one.

SACAA Online Exams: After you have completed the ground school of the theoretical subjects you must complete on-line exams which are compiled by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. For your PPL, Night rating, Radio Telephony and Instructors examinations you can write at any SACAA accredited test centre. For your CPL exams you must write at the accredited out centres, which only have monthly sittings, or at the SACAA offices in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Flight Test: After you passed your theoretical examinations and completed the PPL practical syllabus, you will be tested by a Grade II instructor.

How long does it take to complete my licence?

It all depends on your personal requirements and schedule. You can finish your PPL within 5 to 6 months and your CPL within 18 months. We would recommend that you meet with us so that we can discuss and plan your training schedule

How long is my helicopter rating valid for?

Private, Commercial, Instrument, and ATP certificates is valid for 10 years but you are required by the SACAA to keep it current every year as well as being in possession of a valid medical certificate

Do you require full payment up front?

You do not have to pay for the entire course upfront however; you must be covered for at least 5 hours of flying and your course material. Starlite has a very strict policy and will not allow any student to fly if his/her account is in arears.

Do you have accommodation available?

We can recommend some affordable Bed and Breakfast in the area. Please get in contact with us for more information.

What jobs are available for Helicopter pilots?

There are a huge variety of career paths as a helicopter pilot to choose from. Instruction, VIP charters, Fire fighting, Scenic Tours, Slinging, Emergency Services, Off-shore and Game Capturing just to name a few.

What jobs are available for Fixed Wing pilots?

As a qualified Fixed Wing pilot, you choose to do Flight Instruction, VIP charters, Crop Spraying, Banner towing, Emergency Services, Airline, etc.

Will Starlite Aviation Training Academy offer me employment after I obtained my licence?

If a job opportunity is available, Starlite Aviation will always favour the graduates before it’s advertised globally.