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Why Starlite

The preferred choice for helicopter and fixed wing training

Starlite’s Aviation Training Academy remains in the forefront of technology, continually upgrading its facilities and equipment, to ensure that student pilots receive world class instruction whilst significantly improving on safety and skills.

Training Standards

The training of helicopter and fixed wing aircrew, maintenance personnel and operational support staff is conducted to a level of competence commensurate with leading military and civilian aviation safety standards.

Highly Qualified Staff and Instructors

The Academy attracts highly qualified, motivated and passionate ground school and flying instructors, ensuring students of the finest academically structured course content and lectures. Students are encouraged to be responsible, accountable and to set goals to facilitate success in their chosen career in aviation.

The Finest Fleet of Aircraft

The acquisition of the French Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter, selected for its performance, comfort and technological advancements, places the Academy in a league of its own. The stylish new aircraft joins the Academy’s impressive fleet of Robinson and Bell 212 helicopters.

Superior Simulator Training

The Academy boasts two Elite simulators, a Twin Turbine Helicopter and Fixed Wing King Air MCC, a cost effect alternative for pilots who wish to build hours.

Fixed Wing Training

Starlite’s Fixed Wing division, opened its doors on the Mossel Bay Airfield in 2014. The current fleet of aircraft will be expanded this year and the facilities upgraded with a new hangar and maintenance facility, providing adequate space for the increased influx of students.


Starlite Maintenance Durban and the newly acquired AMO in Mossel Bay, ensures onsite maintenance of the highest quality and safety.